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Welcome to Kelyon

Your digital
healthcare solution.

— Expertise

Digital Health and Digital Medicine Solutions

Leveraging the highly specialized and multidisciplinary experience of our team, we provide digital solutions for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of chronic and complex diseases.

Healthcare Data Science Modeling

We use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies to develop decision support models that combine patient health information with clinical guidelines and knowledge to help healthcare professionals make the correct diagnosis, choose the best therapeutic path and monitor treatment adherence.

Healthcare Consulting

We collaborate with our customers by providing experience, knowledge, skills and innovative methodologies to find solutions that truly improve their performance.

Certified in Digital Health

Every day, we renew our commitment to the future of digital healthcare. We want to contribute to the creation of a global digital ecosystem centered around the person/patient and rooted in a holistic approach to their well-being.

Work with us

Smart solutions for complex challenges.

Over the years, more and more companies have trusted and relied on us, acknowledging our competence and reliability. Here are some.

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