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Three Kelyon’s solutions in the Digital Europe Health’s recommendations

Kelyon is proud to announce that three proprietary digital solutions have been included in the DIGITALEUROPE Executive Council for Health’s recommendations for EU digital health policy (2024–29). This is a significant recognition of the quality of work done over the years, which motivates us to continue committing ourselves enthusiastically to driving digital healthcare innovation.

These digital solutions are based on three modular, structured platforms that are customisable and configurable according to customer-specific needs:

kHealthNet is a smart, web-based digital platform enabling timely coordination and support of collaboration in hub-spoke networks involving healthcare professionals and clinicians belonging to different healthcare structures. Kelyon leverages new networks to break down barriers and create more value through a process-oriented approach. The coordination of the network’s components guarantees the efficiency and effectiveness of the information flow that can be grafted into one of the specific phases of the disease cycle (prevention, diagnosis, and treatment).

kDiseaseManagement is a web/mobile patient management platform that supports healthcare professionals in treating and managing patients with chronic or complex diseases and empowers patients by enhancing their engagement in the disease management process.

kPatientRegistry is a web-based clinical registry platform that supports health professionals through an interactive database to improve patient care by collecting and analysing health data and facilitating research to identify the best care pathways for rare and complex conditions.

These solutions are driven by AI, machine learning, and deep learning. With these functionalities, health professionals and researchers can evaluate available treatments, procedures, and therapies:

  • to better understand expected outcomes and make evidence-based decisions to share best practices;

  • to understand how patients with different characteristics respond to various treatments.

Kelyon helps to shape the future of healthcare with disruptive digital health solutions that combine innovation with experience to deliver and empower patient-centred care worldwide.

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