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#KelyonCoffee of April,10th: keypoints

The Kelyon Coffee event on April 10th, dedicated to the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence applied to healthcare, proved to be a valuable occasion for discussion and sharing.

Together with the speakers – Sergio Pillon, Clinical Governance Manager for Digital Transformation at ASL Frosinone; Fabrizio Esposito, Full Professor in the Department of Advanced Medical and Surgical Sciences (DAMSS) at the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli; and Angelo Ciaramella, Full Professor in the Department of Sciences and Technologies at the University of Naples Parthenope – we addressed the complexity of these topics.

There were numerous points for reflection and future work.

For a healthcare professional, having the opportunity to interact with an AI-based assistant represents an important step. Equally crucial is the learning phase of this potential AI model. It should prioritize targeted and efficient learning rather than generalized and approximate learning for specific commands.

We also discussed the concept of the digital twin of an organ. For a healthcare professional, having access to a virtual representation of a patient’s organ in real-time condition and state is a significant diagnostic upgrade, enabling better understanding and optimization of treatments.

The theme of optimizing and personalizing individual care paths also emerged in the discussion related to the aggregation and representation of collected data. These data should not merely be organized into graphs but structured in a way that “narrates,” rather than simply “represents,” a person’s medical history. Only then can truly personalized and customizable healthcare plans be developed.

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