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Comprehensive digital expertise for unmet clinical needs



Kelyon your Digital healthcare solution

Digital Health and Digital Medicine Solutions

Leveraging the highly specialized and multidisciplinary experience of our team, we provide digital solutions for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of chronic and complex diseases.

 Our Digital Solutions are based on three modular structured platforms. The choice of modules and the relative configuration allows you to customize the solution according to specific needs.


Web-based Digital Platform designed to support collaboration in Hub-Spoke networks involving healthcare professionals and clinicians belonging to various healthcare facilities (Laboratories, Research Centers, Hospitals, Private Clinics, Medical Scientific Associations).

We guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of the information, operational and logistical flow for the coordination and management of the specific phases of the preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic process.


Web/Mobile Digital Health Platform designed to support healthcare professionals in patient management. The solution includes an App for patients, guaranteeing an active involvement in the treatment process, and an App for the healthcare professionals devised as a decision support tool in identifying and implementing the optimal therapeutic treatment.


Web-based Clinical Registry Platform designed for the collection and analysis of health data. It guarantees support for scientific research and decision-making in clinical studies, post-market surveillance studies, in the evaluation of treatment performance and in the choice of optimal therapies based on patient specifications.

Healthcare Data Science Modeling

We use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies to develop decision support models that combine patient health information with clinical guidelines and knowledge to help healthcare professionals make the correct diagnosis, choose the best therapeutic path and monitor treatment adherence.

Healthcare Data Science Modeling
collaborazione e consulenza

Healthcare Consulting

We collaborate with our customers by providing experience, knowledge, skills and innovative methodologies to find solutions that truly improve their performance.


We support you at every stage.

We provide specific internal services to support each phase of the solution development project, from design to actual implementation. We guarantee compliance with the quality and regulatory standards of the EU regulatory framework.

We are committed to a careful concept design process aimed at defining the visual and descriptive conceptual elements to customize the solution by creating a strong identity to convey, through the appropriate communication channels, to all stakeholders. We also take care of the design of information and promotional material to support the dissemination of the project, and the activity necessary for this purpose, such as, for example, organization of meetings , events and seminars.

We design and develop solutions that meet high quality standards, thanks to the experience and multi-disciplinarity of our team.

  • Risk assessment: Managing and protecting sensitive patient data is a big priority for us. Aware of the fact that it poses a non-negligible challenge, it is essential for us, for each project, to evaluate and correctly manage risks in the regulatory, information security and privacy fields.
  • CE marking for Medical Devices Software: with specific reference to Software Medical Devices, we are responsible for the entire CE marking process, so that the product complies with the safety requirements established by the applicable community directives and/or regulations.
  • Localization
  • Deployment

We assist our clients in the operational management of each solution as well as in monitoring its performance over time.

  • Training: contributing to growth and change management in the healthcare sector also means being facilitators for end users in the adoption of proposed solutions, so that they can fully grasp the benefits arising from them.
  • Cloud Hosting: our Private Cloud Hosting services rely on ISO 27001-certified infrastructure and prioritizes the management of personal data in compliance with the regulations concerning the processing of sensitive data, a technological stack that guarantees high availability and security of hosted data.
  • Help Desk: we offer a specialized and comprehensive Help Desk service, by email or telephone, to all our customers. We guarantee that implemented solutions can be used in the optimal way and that any arising problem is resolved in a timely manner.
  • Vigilance: provided in compliance with the regulatory requirements relating to Software Medical Devices, the surveillance service aims to improve the protection of the health and safety of patients and users, reducing the risk of accident recurrence.
  • Roll-out support and monitoring


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Improving the experience of patients around the world living with chronic and complex conditions is our priority and our greatest challenge.

We leverage highly specialized and multidisciplinary skills

We work alongside our customers to understand their real unmet needs

We support healthcare professionals across all stages of the patient journey

Professionalism, responsibility and transparency are the core values ​​of our work.

We provide constant assistance in all phases of design, development and management of our solutions.

We contribute to the development of personalized therapeutic pathways.

We are facilitators of patient
engagement and involvement
in their care pathways.



Want to find out more?

Some of our main projects, developed for pharmaceutical companies, medical-scientific associations and healthcare facilities:

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Research and Development

Making a difference is our imperative

We know that research is the real engine of innovation and that new ideas often come from academic backgrounds. We promote and support research ideas from an early stage, and rely on a strong network of scientific partners who help us translate them into tailored solutions that address our clients’ unmet clinical needs.

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