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Kelyon your Digital healthcare solution

About us

Thanks to our national and international experiences in the healthcare sector and to the multidisciplinary nature of our team, Kelyon has positioned itself as a certified supplier in the Digital Health market. Our solutions can address every stage of the patient journey, from prevention to treatment to follow-up of life-changing and chronic conditions.

The quality of offered solutions, effectiveness and efficiency of the services provided, compliance with security and privacy matters and attention to the specific needs of customers and partners have contributed to the company’s growth to date.


Founded by a group of ICT and healthcare experts convinced that innovation and technology can revolutionize healthcare paradigms, experiences and outcomes for both patients and healthcare systems.


Launch of our first Digital Health project. The goal has always been to conceive, develop and promote digital solutions that actually improve patients’ experiences in managing life-changing conditions and benefiting from the most appropriate healthcare services based on their specific needs.


Achievement of UNI CEI EN ISO 13485 certification for:

  • the processes of design and development, based on customer specifications, production, maintenance and assistance of Software Medical Devices (SMDs) for the management of patient health data;
  • the provision of consultancy services in the biomedical field.


Start of business for Kelyon Ltd. The company opens up to the UK market and the international scene, in order to effectively meet the specific needs of customers who operate in an international scenario with ad-hoc, localized solutions.


Kelyon is internationally recognized as a highly qualified Digital Health company. Over 50% of the company’s turnover is made outside of Italy. With our multidisciplinary team of digital, medical and biomedical professionals, Kelyon is committed to shaping the future of digital health and healthcare and making a difference in people’s lives.


Kelyon’s Quality Management System is certified:

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for the processes of “Design, development, maintenance and support of software products; Provision of hosting services; Provision of system consulting services”

UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2012 for the processes of “Design, development, customer specifications, production, maintenance and assistance of medical software platforms for managing health data of patients; Provision of consulting services in the biomedical field”

Kelyon yearly receives the audit from a qualified certification body, attesting that the software life cycle and the overall quality management system comply with both the ISO 13485 standard and the applicable requirements of Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.


Changing the paradigm of life-changing conditions.

We believe in scientific research and in the evolution of digital technology as drivers for improving the therapeutic journey of patients suffering from life changing diseases. We direct all our choices towards the creation of a new paradigm that can effectively support and enhance the performance of healthcare professionals and promote a more conscious and structured approach to the management of the entire life cycle of complex pathologies by all stakeholders.

life changing solutions

Kelyon your Digital healthcare solution


Innovation-led solutions to break down Healthcare barriers.

Our goal is to design and develop disruptive digital solutions that effectively contribute to the improvement and sustainability of the healthcare system, overcoming the barriers that hinder the implementation of best practices. The specific needs of people living with chronic and complex diseases are at the core of the process of creating our solutions. We continuously work alongside professionals and patients in order to guarantee the optimization of processes and performances in the context of specific therapeutic pathways.


Businesses cannot be long-term successful when the society around them fails.

Aware of its role in society, Kelyon is committed to conducting his business in an ethical and responsible manner.

The fundamental elements of Corporate Social Responsibility concern each member of the team and define the standards of loyalty, ethical behavior, professionalism, correct business management and compliance with the laws on which our daily commitment is based.

Code of conduct

Anti-Bribery Policy

Data Protection Policy

Quality Policy


Gaetano Cafiero


Stefano Tagliaferri


Federico Cafiero

Executive Director

Enrico Bisson

Quality & Regulatory Affairs Manager

Stefano D’Ammassa

Data Protection Officer

Antonio D’Addio

Project Management Officer

Simona Mazzella


Andrea Granata

Andrea Granata

Marketing & Business Development Specialist

Federico cartelli

Federico Cartelli

Social Media Manager

Marco Benedetto

Solution Analyst

Valentina Papa

Solution Analyst

Anna Chiara Iannone

UI/UX Designer

Domenico Casillo

Software Developer Engineer

Antonio Vivolo

Software Developer Engineer

Davide Bruner

Software Developer

Federico Vitale

Software Developer

Angelo Solimeno

Software Developer


Andrea Passarini

Software Developer

mario oliva

Mario Oliva

Software Developer

Luigi Pianese

Cloud Engineer


Anna Biondi

Medical Consultant

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