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Kelyon took part at the 57th Annual ESPE Meeting

Kelyon took part at the 57th Annual ESPE Meeting, held at the Megaron Conference Center in Athens from the 27th to the 29th of September 2018.

Moments of high quality clinical information sharing and networking happened among plenary sessions, symposia and presentations of the latest discoveries in the field of pediatric endocrinology, in order to promote international collaboration between research and clinical practice.

Out of diverse software promoted by the Pharma companies that joined the ESPE 2018, iGRO, Pfizer’s software medical device (SaMD) developed by Kelyon was of particular interest among many physicians. This web-based tool is a decision support system that helps pediatric endocrinologists treating children with idiopathic growth deficiency hormone (IGDH), Turner syndrome, or small gestational age (SGA).

In the picture below, the exhibition stand where Pfizer’s members showed endocrinologists how iGRO works

iGRO Stand

In particular, Kelyon’s participation at ESPE2018 (in the picture below Jeff Bolton -Marketing & Sales Manager – and Dario Di Sarno – Marketing & Business Development Specialist), confirmed the presence of Kelyon’s skills in the development of digital solutions, in the therapeutic area of pediatric endocrinology; furthermore, it helped to communicate the transversal applicability of Kelyon’s digital solutions in areas where pharmaceutical companies’ top managers and medical experts seek digital support in the prediction and monitoring of several rare diseases.

Dario di Sarno and Jeff Bolton

Thus, ESPE 2018 has been a great opportunity to promote Kelyon brand within the healthcare and pharmaceutical context.


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