TIRNET is a web-based platform which
simplifies access to molecular diagnostic
testing with fine needle aspiration of the thyroid


TIRNET is a platform developed for the University of Naples, "Federico II" with the aim of simplifying the access to molecular diagnostic testing of fine needle aspiration of the thyroid. With this application, all professionals dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of nodular thyroid disease may come into contact with the molecular diagnostic laboratory from the 'Federico II University' , of Naples, allowing clinicians from all health facilities in the region to request, in a simple and direct way, the execution of tests for determining the mutation status of the genes involved in thyroid neoplasms.


TIRNET is an easy to use, responsive, web-based application which manages the workflow of all the healthcare professionals on the territory involved in the process of biomolecular testing relative to the determination of thyroid neoplasms through fine needle aspiration.
The platform is complemented by a courier service, coordinated by a call center, which supports the physical transfer of the test results to the Reference Centers of analysis.

The platform supports the operational flow relative to the process of thyroid testing and has the aim of:

  • Support the management of NRAS and BRAF genetic testing
  • Monitor the path of the biological samples
  • Provide physicians (endocrinologists, pathologists, analysts) in hospitals with the outcomes of biological sample tests
  • Provide statistical reports on aggregated data (one summarizing the number of subscribers to the platform and one listing the number of forms filled with all relevant information required for statistics)


The platform was developed by Kelyon in collaboration with the School of Medicine and Surgery, Public Health Department of the University of Naples, "Federico II", and is compliant to all regulations relative to the privacy and safety of the sensitive patient data collected and treated.

Kelyon managed the entire design and development cycle, in addition to managing a series of correlated services offered such as cloud hosting and back up services, post roll-out support for users through e-mail help-desk services, and evolving maintenance services. 

The platform significantly reduces the timing involved in the workflow allowing the reference centers to obtain the test results in a few weeks.