Online platform that drastically
reduces timing needed to obtain
KRAS gene testing


Ras-Aktive is an online platform that offers the possibility to carry out the analysis of the KRAS gene at the chosen Reference Center and to have the online test result in a short time and in full compliance with current regulations regarding privacy.


RAS-Aktive is a web-based application for the management of operational flows related to genetic testing and / or molecular biology.
The platform give the possibility to manage several flows connected each to a different test or to a different product.

RAS-Aktive may include streams for the management of molecular biology tests where the subjects can be oncologists and molecular biologists, or oncologists, supervisors, pathologists and molecular biologists, but may also provide to manage requests for kits from microbiologists with a stream authorization to the internal customer.


The Ras-AKTIVE platform, developed using responsive web design techniques, was designed and produced for Merck Serono.
Kelyon was responsible for the design and development of the platform, delivering all services related to the use and, incluiding technical support, in particular the Hosting and Back-up services via the cloud, providing privacy and data security; Help-desk services via e-mail and services for the Evolutionary Maintenance of the platform.