The BRAF software tool  identifies
the mutation of the braf gene ensuring
time reduction for test execution 


BRAF is a web-based tool that identifies mutations of the BRAF gene while ensuring that the of molecular analysis centers present on the local territory perform the required tests quickly.
The application manages the molecular biology tests, by connecting all the actors involved in the process of analysis and result evaluation, significantly reducing the relative timing.


The web platform connects all the actors involved in the process of determining the BRAF gene mutation, ensuring rapid execution and sending of the test results.

The software allows the registration and contact between oncologists, pathologists and the Analysis Centers. It also makes the results of the test available to be consulted by the Medical-Scientific Associations registered in the form of aggregated data report.


The web platform was created by Kelyon for Roche.
Kelyon was responsible for the design and development of the web-tool, creating an easy to use, smart web based tool.
In addition, Kelyon also offers all services related to the use of software such as advanced maintenance, cloud hosting and back up of sensitive data, in compliance with the relevant EU legislation regarding privacy and security, in addition to services related to the support of users during the use of the tool such as help-desk services via e-mail or phone.