The online platform that simplifies tests
for determining the mutation status
of BRCA1, BRCA2 and EGFR genes


AZfastnet is a web application developed with the aim of improving the work flow management of bio-molecular diagnostic testing in oncology.

Thanks to this application, the Italian cancer centers can contact highly trained molecular diagnostics laboratories, allowing clinicians of all health facilities authorized to treat ovarian cancer and / or pulmonary to request tests for mutation status determination of the BRCA1 / BRCA2 and EGFR genes in a simple and direct way.


The web platform allows you to manage the workflow of bio-molecular testng and formulate customized
therapies against various types of cancer to treat patients in a more efficient way.
The innovative aspect of the software consists in linking the main actors of this work- flow for bio-molecular testing, such as oncologist, pathologist and specialized diagnostic laboratories, allowing to drastically reduce  the timing of the work-flow thus speeding up the timing in which oncologist receive the results of the testing, which need to be analysed as soon as possible given the circumstances.



The AZFastNet platform was created by Kelyon who carried out all the phases of the project such as the design and development of the software, the creation and registration of the master version in Italian language, and the validation phase which provides for the intended user, thus the physician, to verify the correct functioning of all the underlying formulas and algorithms from a medical standpoint.

Kelyon also offers a range of post-development and installation services which include Cloud Hosting of registered patient data, customer service Help Desk via telephone or via e-mail, and Maintenance services.
AZFastNet is a Multitesting platform that allows individual professionals to use one or more programs to achieve several bio-molecular tests simultaneously.
All services offered by Kelyon are delivered with the utmost attention to patient data security and privacy, in compliance with applicable laws on data protection.