Alk Quality is a web based application
which manages the quality certification
process of the ALK analysis centers



Alk Quality is web based application which supports the quality control program for the determination of ALK rearrangement in lung cancer. The platform connects the Analysis Centers, which enroll voluntarily in order to be certified, and the AIOM, the Italian Association of Medical Oncology, which is in charge of evaluating the data related to the various centers and  validate it. The Analysis Centers that meet particular characteristics, are validated by the Association which certifies the chosen Centers and publishes the list of Centers that have received the quality certification.


The platform connects the two parties involved: the Centers of Analysis who chose to sign up to the platform to receive the quality certification, and AIOM. The Association of Oncology uses the platform to ask the signed up Centers for the results of certain tests who then send the results back to AIOM. AIOM evaluates the test results carried out by the centers by means of specific criteria, and selects the centers that are compliant and will, thus, be assigned a quality certification.
This way, the platform ensures compliance of quality criteria in relation to the tests carried out by the Centers of Analysis.