Kelyon's commitment in the field of oncology is constantly renewed, with the aim to ensure access to personalized treatment paths that, in line with the patient's genetic profile, can effectively reduce healing times with high performance results.
#KelyonCoffee 6 novembre 2018

On November 6th the fourth #Kelyoncoffee was held, this time organized in collaboration with the Italian Association of Digital Health and Telemedicine (Aisdet).


Kelyon took part at the 57th Annual ESPE Meeting, held at the Megaron Conference Center in Athens from the 27th to the 29th of September 2018.

Digital Health Conference

This year, for the first time, Kelyon participated in the 7th International Conference on Digital Health, supported by UCL, held in London, UK on 2-5 July 2017.

MediWales Connect

Kelyon's first time at MediWales Connects 2017, participating actively during the "Innovation Technology" Workshop, with a showcase presentation.

Informatics for Health 2017

For the first year, Kelyon among the attendees of the Informatics for Health Congress in Manchester