Kelyon's commitment in the field of oncology is constantly renewed, with the aim to ensure access to personalized treatment paths that, in line with the patient's genetic profile, can effectively reduce healing times with high performance results.
ehealth trends 2020
The year 2020 inaugurates the decade that will finally make a reality of the ‘patient-centered approach’ so many healthcare professionals (as well as citizens-patients) have been calling and working for over the past years or even decades. We’ll witness the rise of personalized diagnostics and medicine, data-driven care, targeted prevention, virtual and remote health assistance and – last but not least – we’ll finally get to have more (complete?) agency and control over our personal health data.
digitalization of healthcare: german example

E-Health Act (2016): inaugurates the digitalization of the German Healthcare system by:

mese della cyber sicurezza
Healthcare is one of the most targeted and yet least secured industries worldwide, with ransomware attacks and data breaches posing significant threats to both organizations and, most importantly, patients.