Kelyon10 - le interviste

Last December 6th in Naples was held the #Kelyon10, the congress celebrating the ten years of activity of Kelyon. Many authorities intervened, such as the Minister for the Southern Italy Barbara Lezzi, the President of the Unione Industriali Vito Grassi and the UK Ambassador to Italy Jill Morris; The honors of the house were Gaetano Cafiero, CEO of Kelyon. The key moment of the event was the debate on Digital Health, the heart of Kelyon's activity, which took part eminent names of the scientific community, such as Giorgio Longo and Rossella Lucchini of Pfizer Italia, Stefano Tagliaferri, professor of the University of Salerno and Nicola Normanno of the IRCSS Pascale Foundation; journalist Federica Meta moderated the congress. During the scientific part of the conference, each speaker intervened to comment on or illustrate various issues related to digital health, such as Big Data and their value, which spoke about Tagliaferri but above all, the centrality of the patient's well-being at every level, as pointed out by Lucchini and Longo of Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company that has made this one of the cornerstones of its business and, in particular, the protection of cancer patients, as Normanno underlined.

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