aziende senza frontiere

KELYON, within its Corporate Social Responsibility activities, has decided to become a member of the  Companies Without Borders network, a program dedicated to companies that wish to support DWB - Doctors Without Borders and communicate their social commitment in favor of one of the most important humanitarian-medical associations.


Doctors Without Borders  as born officially on Decemner 22nd 1971 thanks to 300 volunteers, including the 13 founders who were doctors and journalists. In the following years, DWB continued to grow, becoming an international organization. Today it consists of five major operational sections located in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, and Spain, e of 23 partner sections, which participate by directly managing fund raising activities and projects, recruitment of humanitarian workers, information and raising awareness of public opinion.


Today, DWB is the world's largest idipendent humanitarian organization. Every day, about 30,000 professionals from different parts of the world provide assistance to victims of conflicts, natural disasters, epidemics, or to people who don't have access to medical care. DWB is present in over 70 countries and operated in compliance with the principles of humanity, impartiality, independence and neutrality. In 2013, 241 Italians took part in DWB projects.