az fastnet di astrazeneca al digital awards


The AZFastNet project, developed by Kelyon for AstraZeneca, participated in the 2015 Edition of the Aboutpharma Digital Awards, one of the most important Awards in the field of Digital Healthcare which enhance the DIGITAL levers supporting Patients, Physicians, Pharmacists and Healthcare in general. The leading topic of this year's edition is enclosed in the title: "Time to impact".


AZFastnet is the first web platform which enables oncologists to request the execution of tests to determine the state of mutation of BRCA1/BRCA2/EGFR genes and to receive the results of the tests in a very brief period of time.



The genetic test BRCA enables oncologists to identify patients affected by ovarian carcinoma and to access innovative cancer treatment, while assessing the cancer risk for all the patient's family members.